Coddi & Womple Cedar in the Berry bush T-Shirt
Coddi & Womple Cedar in the Berry bush T-Shirt

Coddi & Womple Cedar in the Berry bush T-Shirt

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High in the hills of the New Zealand bush, fantails fly in loops with a whooosh. Here blackberries grow wild to keep your tummy fed, from black to purple and not-ready red.

All of the animals gather around, from Bob the swooping fantail to Thistle on the ground. But as they sneak a berry, the bush gives them a tickle, and …‘OUCH!!!’They are suddenly scratched by a prickle!.

Then with a rustle the bush starts to rise—all of the animals jump back in surprise! Well, it wasn’t the bush that was moving at all; it was hairy and red and growing so tall!! With a stomp, stomp, stomp, his heavy hooves go by—here, there and everywhere, all the berries fly! Not a single prickle is to be seen; just berries of purple and leaves of green. Down flies Bob to catch the big berries. Thistle finds a patch and is feeling rather merry.

‘Who is this beast? He’s not at all mean. Giving us berries; could this be a dream?’

“My name is Cedar,”a booming voice calls. They look up to see someone strong, hairy and tall. His antlers are wrapped with prickled vines.

“There you go little ones. Berries taste divine.”

Just like a king wearing a crown, he tears through the bush sharing kindness around. Stomping his hooves, his booming voice sings, “Berries are delicious, but kindness is king!”.