Coddi & Womple Basil the curious Gnome T-Shirt
Coddi & Womple Basil the curious Gnome T-Shirt

Coddi & Womple Basil the curious Gnome T-Shirt

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Basil the gnome had been told not to roam–to stay within the walls of their garden home. “Stay safe, stay hidden,” his parents bawled, but Basil heard the tune of a different call…

One night he decided he just couldn’t stay; he packed his blueberries to head on his way—with Pip, his sidekick, a meek brown mouse who followed him away from their garden gnome house.

Dark and quiet, the air filled with, “Hooo hoo…” Quick! They ducked under mushrooms as the brown owl flew. To the edge of the garden where the trees grew tall, Basil was still determined to find that beautiful call. Into a clearing where the flutters drew near, he stood on a mushroom, without a drop of fear, up on his tiptoes to see as far as he could, and suddenly a face appeared amongst the wood.

“Hello, my little friend,” called a voice from above.

“You have travelled so far to meet all of us.”

There was a fairy of deep forest green, with a
flute in her hand and wings that beamed.

“I knew you were real,” Basil whispered in thought. Careless? Perhaps, but happy to get caught.

“Well, of course we are! Come in and play. You heard my flute? I’m Marigold, by the way. You’ll just need a cup of rainbow tea, and all the fairies you will see.”

From that night on and many more, Basil changed what all Gnomes saw. For thanks to him, the little folk of night were much happier working among fairy light.

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