Charity Donations

I wanted to create something a little different when i opened Over the Rainbow Kids, i didn't want to make lots of money and be ale to buy anything i wanted, I just wanted to be able to provide for my kids and give back to those who do so much for the community we are a part of.

So i decided that each month I will donate to a different charity and community cause.

March - we donated a grimes rainbow, coddi & womple Shirt and a large Magic Wood marble tower to an auction for a beautiful 3 year old girl named Ellie currently battling T cell leukemia. her family and friends banded together to create a huge day in her name to raise funds as well as an online auction.

The Online auction ended up raising approximately $31,000 for her family.            

Over the Rainbow kids is so proud to have been a part of this amazing community rallying to support little Ellie


 February - we donated $5 from the purchase of every Coddi & Womple piece to the amazing Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary.

Gunyah is based just past Yarck in Victoria, the Residents that live there range from Cats and dogs up to Alpacas and horses. Some of these animals have been rejected by their mother so Kathy who runs Gunyah has stepped in to be their surrogate and care for them just as their mother would.

I have been lucky enough to visit Gunyah in person and the feeling of love that you get when you see Kathy with these animals is just Heart warming.

you can view our facebook page for more details on our monthly donations.